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Marshall County Abstract Company is proud to be an important part of our local community, as well as a good steward of the land title industry on the state and national levels. Thanks to our relationships and experience, we have the knowledge and resources customers need to ensure they have a smooth closing. Check out these links and our educational materials from the American Land Title Association (ALTA) to learn more!

Part of the Marshall County Abstract mission has always been to educate and inform. We know when our customers understand what goes into the title and closing process, it makes for a better experience. That’s why we have compiled these industry resources for existing and prospective customers to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Please take a look at this information and feel free to pass it on to your customers and friends.

Of course, if you have any more questions about title insurance, the closing process or anything else we do, reach out to us directly or visit the American Land Title Association’s consumer-facing website,


What is an abstract?

Aided by our office’s physical title plant, our searchers work to compile an abstract of the property that is to be sold. An abstract is simply the recorded history of a parcel of land. We do a new search of records to ensure that the abstract of the land for sale is accurate and up to date. This ensures that the seller really does have the right to sell the property in question and that there are no known, unresolved claims that could cause ownership issues later on. What are we looking for? Anything from undisclosed liens, fraud, unpaid child support or tax issues could cause problems in the future.      

Why do I need owner’s title insurance?

Title insurance protects you against possible issues that haven’t come up yet – future problems that wouldn’t be documented in our abstract. Owner’s title insurance is a smart choice because it covers your ownership rights against claims that could be made in the future. Your lender will have a title insurance policy, and we recommend you have one to protect your interests too.  

Such unforeseeable errors that pop up later could be due to forgery, fraud or human error. These three categories cover false documents, deception, identity theft, inconsistent paperwork and more. Finally, a title insurance protects a property for as long as you or your heirs own it for one single, affordable payment due at closing.  

What to expect at closing?

Our closing team makes sure everything need to get you to the finish line happens accurately and on time, and we’ll also gladly answer any questions you have along the way. There are a lot of documents needed for a successful closing, but you can rely on the Marshall County Abstract team to have everything ready for all parties involved in the transaction. A closing should be an exciting time, and we aim to make the experience as worry-free as possible.

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